Checkout Help/Discount Codes/Coupons

Discount codes have to be entered at checkout, cannot be applied afterwards.

NEW CUSTOMER 10% OFF DISCOUNT WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL LIST: There is a turquoise bar along the bottom of our website to subscribe to our email list to get 10% off your order. Once you enter your email and click "get my coupon" the coupon code will appear. It will not be sent in an email. The code that will appear is   NEWCUSTOMER   if you missed it, without any spaces, and can only be used once at checkout. Make sure to subscribe to our email list because that is where we send the most coupons

There are 3 places during checkout to enter discount codes.****

  • If you are on a mobile device make sure to click the drop down menu ^  "show order summary" which is shown next to the total, before you type in contact info & shipping address on the first page of checkout. On a computer the place to enter the code will be on the right hand side of the screen. This page might not show up if you do not go to checkout from the cart page. If you choose paypal or apple pay there will be another chance to enter the code before you click "complete order"
  • On the second page of checkout "shipping method" there is also a drop down menu "show order summary" you have to click this to enter the code.
  • The 3rd page of checkout is the payment method and there is an area to enter a discount code on this page also!
  • Please make sure you have entered your desired code before you press the "complete order" button.
  • Discounts cannot be applied after checkout is complete

One code per order, more than one code cannot be combined with any other code/promotion. No order cancellations allowed.

**If you have a gift card or in store credit code that is where you will need to enter the code - see steps above** If you would like to combine a discount with a gift card or in store credit please contact us by email or facebook message:


Thank you for your understanding.